Thomas Kennedy, AICP, Executive Director  or extension #115
• Advocates for the Region and its towns
• Act 248 and Act 250 development review
• Brownfields, transportation and economic development
• Community development

Jason Rasmussen, AICP, Director of Planning or extension#112
• Land use planning
• Act 248 and Act 250 development review
• Energy planning
• Project management
• Transportation planning

Allison Hopkins, AICP,  Senior Planner or extension #113
• Emergency management
• Natural resource and land use planning
• Brownfields
• Economic Development

Chris Yurek, Assistant Planner or extension #119
• Water Quality Planning
• Transportation fieldwork

Cindy Ingersoll, Community Development Specialist or extension #118
• Community Development
• Water Quality Planning

Otis Munroe, Assistant Planner

Van Purcell, Planning Technician

Mary O’Brien, Recycling Coordinator, SWWCSWMD or ext #120

Hamilton Gillett, Recycling Outreach Coordinator, GUVSWMD or ext #111

Cynthia Porter,  Financial Administrator or extension #114

Chris Titus, Administrative Assistant or extension #110

Joanne Jackson, Bookkeeper