About the RPC Board

SWCRPC is a non-taxing political subdivision. Approximately one third of our funding is determined by a formula which divides property transfer tax revenues between regional and municipal planning and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Trust Fund. Another third comes from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). The remaining funds come from SWCRPC member town dues and grants through private, state, and federal programs.

We advocate for the needs of member towns and seek collaborative strategies to address local, regional, and state opportunities and concerns. One of our primary purposes is to provide technical services to town officials and to act as a resource for local governments. We help mediate inter-jurisdictional planning and development issues arising between member communities; facilitate discussion and understanding between local and state entities; and develop plans, policies, strategies, and procedures for addressing issues that are regional in scope.

Our activities are governed by a ten-person Board of Commissioners, appointed by the select boards of member towns, with assistance from one to three “at large” commissioners, appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Board of Commissioners Meetings

The SWCRPC Board of Commissioners holds monthly meetings on the third or fourth Monday of every month either at Martin Memorial Hall in Ascutney, VT or at the Springfield Town Office.  The next RPC Board meeting date will be on Monday, October 22nd, 2018 at noon at Martin Memorial Hall in Ascutney. For a copy of the agenda, see below or email Chris.

To determine whether SWCRPC has cancelled a meeting due to poor weather please call (802) 674-9201.  Additionally, SWCRPC shall send out e-mails cancelling a meeting to all potential attendees.

Meeting Agendas

2019February 11 |March 25 |  April 29 | May 20 |June 17

2018 – January 29 | February 26 | March 26 | No April Meeting | May 21 | June 25 | No July meeting | No August meeting | September 17 | October 22 | November 19 |

2017 January 16February 27March 27April 17May 22 | June 19July 17 Postponed to July 26 | No August meeting | September 18October 16 | November 20 | No December meeting |

2016 – January 19 | February 24March 22April 19May 17June 21 | No July meeting |  | No August meeting | September 23 | October 20 (Thursday) | November 15 | No December meeting |

Earlier agendas are available upon request

Meeting Minutes

2019February 11 | March 25|April 29-draft |May 20-draft

2018January 29 | February 26 | March 26 | No April Meeting | May 21 | June 25 |No July | No August | September 17 | October 22 | November 19

2017 – January 16February 27March 27 | April 17May 22June 19July 26 | No August meeting | September 18 | October 16 | November 20 | No December meeting |

2016January 19|February 24 | March 22April 19May 17June 21  | No July meeting | No August meeting | September 27October 20November 15 | No December meeting |

Earlier meeting minutes are available upon request.