Current Grant Opportunities that have been announced:

VT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Grants

Wide variety of bicycle and pedestrian projects can be funded including bicycle lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian crossing improvements and flashing beacons, ADA improvements, etc.
Workshops: Tuesday, May 8 (1pm – 3pm) and Wednesday, May 9 (6pm – 8pm)
Application deadline: June 22, 2018
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Municipal Highway and Stormwater Mitigation Program

Grants funded through this program must have a transportation link.  There are many eligible projects including planning studies, salt/ sand sheds, bank stabilization, culvert replacement, vactor trucks/ high efficiency sweepers, etc.
Workshops: June 26th and 27th
Application deadline: July 13, 2018
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Summary of Transportation Water Quality-Related Grants

Last updated Summer 2017.  Please contact Katharine, or Chris if you have questions.

Annual grant opportunities that are expected to return:

Downtown Transportation Fund Program

Funds are available for transportation-related capital improvements in Vermont’s Designated Downtowns.  Past projects include streetscape improvements, bicycle & pedestrian paths, rail or bus facilities, utility relocation, street lighting, way-finding signage and other transportation related projects.
Application deadline: TBD (Winter 2019)
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Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Grants

Funding to support DC fast charge and level 2 charging stations on publicly owned property in both Designated Downtowns and Designated Village Centers.
Application deadline: TBD (Winter 2019)
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Land and Conservation Fund Grants

Funds are available for the acquisition of land for parks and public outdoor recreation, or development of new facilities and/or renovation of existing facilities for outdoor recreation.
Application deadline: TBD (Around February)
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Recreational Trails Program

Funds are available for municipalities and non-profit organizations to help develop and maintain recreational trails, trail-related facilities and trailheads.  Both motorized and non-motorized trail projects may qualify for RTP funds.
Application deadline: TBD (Around February)
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Vermont Arts Council Cultural Facilities Grant Program

Application deadline: TBD (around May)
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Ecosystem Restoration Grant

Application due date: mid summer 2018 (Last round April 23, 2018)
Support for the design and construction of water pollution abatement and control projects that target nonpoint sources of pollution. See the DEC Watershed Projects Database for possible projects. Other projects not currently in the database must be added to the database prior to the application deadline.
For more information visit the Clean Water Initiative Grants webpage. or contact Chris Yurek.

Building Communities Grants

For a variety of purposes including cultural facilities, historic preservation, recreational facilities and regional economic development.
Application deadline: TBD (around July)
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River Corridor Conservation Easements

Application due date: Unknown (last round June 2017)
Support for implementation of priority river corridor easements to reduce flood hazards, and improve water quality and wildlife habitat.
For more information visit the Clean Water Initiative Grants webpage.

Clean Water Block Grants

Application due date: Unknown (last round June 2017)
Support for statewide partner(s) to administer a program that will support the completion of “construction-ready” clean water improvement projects identified on the DEC Watershed Projects Database “Go List.”
For more information visit the Clean Water Initiative Grants webpage.

Clean Water Infrastructure Asset Management Grants

To help municipalities develop asset management plans to better finance and schedule improvement and continued maintenance of clean water infrastructure, e.g. water and sewer systems.
The RFP has been posted to the state’s bid website (RFP is here).
No required local match
Application deadline: TBD (around August)
More info: Contact Terisa Thomas at 802-249-2413 or by email.

VT Municipal Park and Ride Grant

For the creation of small Park-and-Ride facilities in Vermont towns.
Application deadline: TBD (Summer 2018)
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Municipal Planning Grant

For variety of planning related projects that help towns to realize their visions for building more livable and vibrant communities
Application deadline: Fall 2018
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Vermont Historic Preservation Grant

Application deadline: TBD (Fall 2018)
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VT Building Communities Grants

Combination of several grant programs administered through the VT : Agricultural Fairs Capital Projects Competitive Grant, Cultural Facilities Grant Program, Historic Preservation Grant Program, Historic Barn and Agricultural Buildings Grant Program, Recreational Facilities Grant Program, Human Services and Educational Facilities Competitive Grant Program, and Regional Economic Development Grant Program
Application deadline: TBD (Summer 2018)
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Transportation Alternatives Grants

For a variety of transportation projects that reduce water quality impacts from transportation infrastructure, salt shed construction, etc.  Non water quality related projects will not be eligible again until at least 2019 through this grant.
Pre-application training workshops: TBD (Fall 2018)
Application deadline: TBD (Fall 2018)
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Better Roads Program Grants

Funding to support projects on town roads that improve water quality and result in maintenance cost savings. The Vermont Better Roads Program’s goal is to promote the use of erosion control and maintenance techniques that save money while protecting and enhancing Vermont’s lakes and streams.  Funding available in a variety of categories, including inventories, stream bank/ slope issues, structure upgrades and correcting erosion/ stormwater issues along roadways.
Project ideas: stone line ditches, replace culverts, stabilize stream banks near roadways, inventories
From: VTrans
Application deadline: TBD (Fall 2018)
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Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Grant Program

$160 million has been obligated to FMA for FY17, with a prioritization of $70 million on flood mitigation projects. FEMA has determined that Advance Assistance funding will be provided to develop potential mitigation projects and acquire the data necessary to create eligible and robust applications in future rounds of funding. Additionally, FMA funding can also be used for floodplain restoration projects that benefit NFIP-insured properties and those communities in good standing with NFIP.
Applications due: Unknown (Last round Nov 2017)
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Better Connections Grant (formerly Strong Communities, Better Connections)

Project ideas: Coordinating land use decisions and transportation investments – eg Walking/Biking Plan
From: VTrans and ACCD
Applications released: Fall 2018 (date TBC)
Application deadline: Winter 2019 (date TBC)
Pre-Application meetings deadline: December 31, 2017
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Other ongoing grant opportunities:

Vermont Community Development Grants

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Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association (VWMA)

Due: No formal application process, projects considered on a first-come, first-served basis
More info: Contact Steve Rohde (603) 229-0679 or e-mail

The Vermont Farm Fund

Due: Ongoing
More info:  Visit

Federal Grant Opportunities

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Brownfield Funding Opportunities

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Historic Preservation Funding Directory

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