The SWCRPC was awarded $1,500,000 in funding through the VT DEC Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP) to support statewide partners in implementing the design and construction of clean water improvement projects as identified on the DEC Watershed Projects Database. Eligible projects are evaluated for their cost effective reduction in sedimentation and nutrient loading to surface waters. This grant program does not require local match for projects located in non-MS4 communities.
There have been two rounds of requests for applications and a third is anticipated to be released on June 5th. More information on the June 5th request will be posted here at that time. Note that the request to be released has changed the threshold for small projects.  Small projects are now $50,000 or less.
Importantly, support documents for subgrantees have been updated as of June 1st, so please use current linked support forms and templates below.
Our 3rd Round of Request for Applications has been released! We are now accepting applications for both small and large projects this round. Applications are due on July 10th at 4:30PM. All Application forms and templates have been updated this round, so be sure to refer to the links below for the most recent materials for this round. Feel free to email questions regarding this release to .
Continue to send all applications, subgrant agreement and report documents, invoicing and questions to

Application Materials (Round 3 Request)

Sub-Grantee Resources (Updated 6/1/20)

Guidance Documents