Springfield Downtown Master Plan

SprDowntwonWithFlowersNew Master Plan for Downtown Springfield

A project to update Springfield’s Master Plan for the Designated Downtown was completed in September 2015.  The purpose of this project was to convene stakeholders together to identify desired initiatives that further revitalization of Downtown Springfield. In coordination with Springfield on the Move (SOM), the Town of Springfield obtained funding through the FY 2014 Municipal Planning Grant program to pay for the preparation of this Downtown Master Plan. The Town hired the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission to facilitate this planning process and prepare this document.

This process updated the previous 1995 Springfield Downtown Redevelopment Plan. Click here to see the original master plan for the downtown area.

The following September draft 2015 Master Plan components are available:

Please contact Jason Rasmussen at (802) 674-9201 or jrasmussen@swcrpc.org with questions.