Forest Stewardship

Landscape-based Forest Stewardship project (A Regional Approach)

In 2013, SWCRPC started working on a project to look at landscape-based forest stewardship in the Region.  This project builds upon the work of four other Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) which started in 2010 and was funded by the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Useful documents from Phase 1 of the project (without SWCRPC)

Phase 2 (with SWCRPC)

Forest Stewardship Project Update
The draft Regional Forest Stewardship Report is now available.  Please see below for a link to the document.  Any and all comments on the draft report are welcome.  Please contact Dan Potter with any comments, edits, or questions.

The following are useful documents connected with Phase 2 of the project (which includes the SWCRPC region).

Contact Dan Potter for more information about this project.

New Forest Stewardship Online Atlas – Spring 2015

Vermont’s RPCs and ANR have developed a new online map/ atlas which provides access to a wide variety of forest data for across the state.  Web accessible forest stewardship data will help landowners, towns and forest managers to inventory and assess forest resources in order to more effectively manage these resources.  Check it out at !

For more information about how to use this Atlas see our Quick Guide and Powerpoint Presentation.